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Thanks Giving Fundraiser (Update)

Dear members,

Thank you everyone who kindly donated to our Thanks Giving Fundraiser. We received some wonderfully generous donations and lovely messages of thankfulness. The wall at The Centre is fantastic and some of the messages are great. You can read some of the messages below.

"I am thankful for my beautiful granddaughter who can light up a room with her smile and chase everyones blues away"

"I am extremely grateful for everyone at our amazing MS Therapy Centre. My dad would not be where he is now if it wasn't for you wonderful lot"

"I am thankful for my daughter, who besides being my bestfriend, has also been my eyes, my legs and my strength. Thank you Lord for such a blessing!"

"I am thankful for the Lord Jesus saving me and giving me a wonderful family and friends, who are always there to help me in times of trouble"

"I am very thankful for my daughter Minu because she always supports me, takes good care of me and is always there for me day and night"

"Extremely grateful for The Centre and thankful that I'm alive"

"Thanks to family, friends and pets who love and care about us! And of course everyone at The Centre"

"I am thankful for my children and mostly thankful for meeting my loving husband who I love very much"

"I had this experience over 25 years ago, it had such a profound effect on me. I was in a relapse of optic neuritis in my right eye. I what is going to see the neurologist with my mother at the hospital. The next thing I remember was having a very sore forehead and being pushed into this guys chest. A stranger had seen me accidentally walk into a signpost and pushed my forehead into his chest to minimise the pain from the impact. The bump at that appeared on my forehead where is minimal because of his quick thinking. He appeared like an angel out of nowhere. I was extremely grateful. I urge people to always help anyone when they can. The beautiful kindness of strangers is not publicised enough"

"Be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more"

"Thank you for everything"


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