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New Centre

Dear Members,

The Trustees would like to wish you all a healthy, happy and peaceful 2024. 

We also would like you to know that there are very exciting plans afoot for the repurposing of the whole of Harrow School Farm. Tom, the current farmer is retiring this year and, as the farm has not been productive for sometime, the School have had to consider its future.  However, the land is subject to very strict planning laws (it's agricultural land) and so there will definitely be no housing estate or drive-through MacDonald's allowed.  As far as the School is concerned they consider the Harrow Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre to be very special and are totally committed to us being an integral part of their overall plan.  

This means that we will have a brand new purpose built building which will be situated almost alongside our current Centre.  It also means that we can stay in our current home until the new one is built and then move from one to the other - thus ensuring continuity of treatments.

We have been in our current Centre since 1984 and, as those of your who come to the Centre know, the building is fast becoming not fit for purpose!  This opportunity is therefore perfectly timed.

Pictures of the potential new Centre can be seen on the wall in our current Therapy Centre. Please feel free to look and leave your comments.

The Harrow MS Thperapy Centre will have to cover the costs of building the new centre, so your donations and fundraising ideas are greatly appreciated.


Jerry Ridout

Chair of Trustees


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