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Apeksha Patel is our Yoga teacher and has been studying the art of Yoga for many years. She is a qualified Yoga Therapist and also has extensive experience of working with Multiple Sclerosis.

Yoga is one of the most popular therapies for MS and thousands can testify to how much it helps.


Yoga calms the mind and energises the body. Yoga helps you breathe correctly, increases energy, counteracts fatigue, and lifts mood and depression. It has a good effect on the endocrine glands, the circulatory and respiratory systems, and improves well-being. Yoga also helps the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

It helps most when you practice often, and over a longer period of time. Stick with it – the more you do it, the better it’ll feel. "Practice with patience and have patience with your practice."

Start with easy poses and slowly try more challenging ones. You can try seated versions from a wheelchair or a firm chair with a solid back. Ask for help when you’re unable to move through a yoga pose on your own.

Yoga can bring improvements in strength, fitness and mood. All these might help you to manage your fatigue. Good posture can also help your body work more efficiently, causing less strain and using less energy.

Book a spot at a matt-based yoga class and:

  • Learn to balance and realign muscular patterns and movement habits while cultivating awareness of the inherent healing process within.

  • Help alleviate the symptoms of disease and the side effects of medications.

  • Learn coping skills and stress reduction techniques you can take with you.



Life can be stressful, and MS doesn’t help. It’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts and worries. Mindfulness is one way people take back control.

People that practice meditation say that it helps them pause, take notice of the world around, and the way they feel.  When scientists have reviewed the research, they’ve found that mindfulness techniques can help people with MS improve their:

  • Quality of life

  • Mental health

  • Pain

  • Fatigue

The idea is to notice what’s happening in the present moment. How do you feel in your mind and your body? What are your surroundings? By focussing on these details, people can find stillness and calm. The aim is to think about things without the judgments we often make – is something good or bad, fair or unfair, important or unimportant, and so on.

Seated yoga class (meditation) - Online - Every Friday - 15:00-16:00 - £8

Please register for the classes by following this link



Meeting ID: 893 5068 6073 Passcode: 156779

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