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Legacy Donation

A legacy donation - leaving money or other gift to Harrow MS Therapy Centre in your will - is a very generous and heartfelt way to show your support for our work.

Writing a Will can mean more than just making sure your loved ones are provided for when you’re no longer around. Like an estimated 16% of people who leave a Will when they die, you could also use it as an opportunity to give to a charity.


When we reflect upon our life, we often think about the legacy we’ll leave behind and what impact we’ve had on the world. Leaving assets to a charity in your Will can help you make that impact.

A legacy donation can be of any size. Large or small, every donation counts.

There are a number of different legacy donations you could make:

  • Legacy gift. You can leave a legacy gift to Harrow MS Therapy Centre in the same way as you would leave a gift to your family and friends. You just write in your will how much would like to leave.

  • Residuary gift. This means that after all the donations to family and friends, and other expenses, have been made, a percentage of what’s left in your will is given to Harrow MS Therapy Centre.

  • “In memoriam” donation. Friends and relatives often like to give flowers or wreaths at a funeral. But you can ask people to make a donation to Harrow MS Therapy Centre instead.

  • Insurance policies/savings. You can name the Harrow MS Therapy Centre Limited as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, or say that the Centre should get part of your savings through your will.

  • Other gifts. You can leave the Centre other gifts of money, valuables or even property, or any other gift you want. Get in touch using the form below to tell us what you would like to do.

An important point to remember is that legacy donations to charities will lower your inheritance tax liability, so your family and friends could benefit too.


I give the sum of £_____ to the Harrow MS Therapy Centre, Harrow School Farm, Watford Road, Harrow, HA1 3TS (Registered Charity Number 299525) for its general charitable purposes. I further direct that the receipt of the Chief Executive or other proper officer of the said charity for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said gift.

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