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Harrow MS Therapy Centre

Harrow MS Therapy Centre is part of the MS National Therapy Centres (MSNTC), a group of over 50 independent centres around the UK which provide treatments, support, information and advice for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

The first centre opened in Dundee in 1982. Ours was founded just two years later in 1984. 

The motto of the MS Therapy Centres is, “Self-help is our way of action” - which means every person who uses our centre has decided to take personal charge of their MS.

In addition to the services, we provide:

  • direct experience and knowledge of MS

  • day-to-day help and advice to those who are newly diagnosed and guidance for 

    people who have been living with MS for sometime
  • access to up-to-date information about research into the causes and treatment of MS.

We help members, their families and carers with a wide range of issues.

A Social Centre

For many people the Centre is one of the only places for social contact during the week. Our members enjoy coming here, and many ways of coping with MS are talked about over tea and biscuits.

This friendly, social side of the Centre is very important to our members.

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