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Our Foot Health Practitioner, Kirsten Hynes, visits the Centre every 6 weeks on a Wednesday morning. A session will consist of appropriate treatment including, if necessary, professional advice about foot care and wear.

Kirsten Hynes

Many people neglect, or have difficulty with giving proper care to, their lower extremities. The feet absorb much of your weight during daily activity, even if you are sitting for most of the day, and are often subjected to stress and tension. If you fail to look after your feet, then there is a greater chance that you will develop disorders that may hamper your ability to move properly.

 A chiropodist will be able to give you valuable insights about your foot care. Not only can they provide treatments to keep your feet healthy they can also spot possible problems that may develop into chronic and life changing conditions if left untreated.

Foot drop, or dropped foot, is a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis caused by weakness in the ankle or disruption in the nerve pathway between the legs and the brain. This disruption means it is difficult to lift the front of the foot to the correct angle during walking.

Regular sessions with out Foot Health Practitioner can help to keep your feet in a good and healthy condition. 

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