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Why We Need Your Support

Every year we have to raise funds to keep the Centre open and all the therapies available to everybody. In 2019 this amounted to £245,000. As an example of what our costs pay for, each physiotherapy session is staffed by one specialist neurological physiotherapist and three physio aides, and gives treatment to between 15 and 20 people with varying degrees of impairment.

With the other treatments on offer at the Centre, most weeks will see between 180 and 200 people regularly making use of our facilities which help them to manage their multiple sclerosis symptoms.

Our members and their families and friends are encouraged to do whatever they can to help. If they are able to, members give donations towards the costs of running the Centre, but we never deny treatment to those who are in need of it, no matter what their circumstances.

Families and friends come up with a variety of initiatives to raise money, from sponsored activities to coffee mornings and more ambitious events!

But the income generated in these ways currently does not completely cover the actual cost of keeping the Centre open and providing treatment, so consequently, we are always in need of extra funding.

How You Can Help

There is a variety of different ways to get involved and help raise money for the centre.

  • You can make a direct donation.

  • You can get involved in some of the events that we hold throughout the year.

  • Or you may have a fundraising idea of your own - running a race, or holding an event to raise money for us, or maybe the company you work for supports charitable work. Get involved!

However much you contribute - large or small - it will make a difference.

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