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Summer BBQ (Update)

Thank you so much to Rob for a wonderful BBQ and for donating the fish. Thank you to Doris for the amazing hamper. Congratulations to Delia who won the raffle for the hamper. Thank you to the Frank’s family for all of their help. Thank you to Mick for cooking the delicious burgers and sausages. Thank you to Gilly for donating her yummy cupcakes. A massive thank you to Shannah from Costco in Wembley and Nicki from Tesco in Harrow for their financial support and kind generosity. A big thank you to Sam and Paulette for all of their hard work organising the day. And lastly, thank you to everyone who came! It was a fantastic fundraiser!

The total amount raised, BBQ: £1725, raffle: £190, total: £1915.


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