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Bulletin - March 2023

Dear members,

A big thank you to the Blue Check restaurant, in Bushey, for hosting a quiz to raise money for our Centre. The quiz was organised by Peter and Janet McNulty from the Barbara Bus Team. Peter regularly brings our members to the Centre as a volunteer driver. The evening raised £2000 for us and the Centre team of 'quizzers' did not disgrace themselves as much as they thought they might!

We have received another generous donation of £5000 from Margaret and Michael Giller and Hayes Rees who run The Multiple Sclerosis Union shop in Barnet.

The Multiple Sclerosis Union operates in Barnet and the surrounding area and exists to help make better the lives of those living with MS, including their carers and families.

The foot health practitioner, Kirsten Hynes, will be in the Centre on Wednesday 15th March, between 9am and 12:30pm.

You do not need an appointment - please be patient whilst waiting to see her.

Appointments cost £15 (cash only) and payment is made to Kirsten directly.

Thank you.


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